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Yasmine Galenorn

Monday Snippet! - Night's End

This snippet is from Night’s End. Night’s End is of course, the final book in the Indigo Court series. –Marc.

WARNING! Snippet may contain spoilers!


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Night’s End
Copyright Yasmine Galenorn
Release Date: July 1st, 2014

I was still tapped into the current of communication that had been established between us, and now I began to sing the charm of binding that Strict had taught me. It would bring them under my control and since I was the Queen of Snow and Ice, they wouldn’t resist like they might normally do. But it took focus, and confidence. I had to prove to them I had the right and power to take control, and once that was done, they would be mine for life.

The energy wove between us like a frozen tendril branching out, a vine of ice that came from deep within me to swirl around the group of Elementals—and the notes of my song froze in the air, a bluish vapor that narrowed into a beam of light to entwine around the shimmering creatures who now watched me with what seemed to be utter fascination.

They stood still, having stopped their movement, as the icy fire began to burrow into their chests, the tendrils burying themselves into the very core of the Elementals. I pushed harder and the ice tendrils glistened as they blended into the energy making up their bodies. I pushed harder—there was minor resistance but it was nothing to worry about. I could tell they were just curious and hesitant, having never been bound before.
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